Teatro Círculo Ltd is a theater company founded by a group of Latin artists with a strong academic background committed to preserving and promoting our cultural heritage through the presentation of creative, inclusive and educational theater works. It is our purpose to expose the public to the best works of Spanish and Latin American playwrights, both contemporary and classical and in general, to foster an appreciation of the richness of Latin American and Iberian cultures in the context of the pluralism that characterizes NYC.

Needs and Population Served:
Teatro Círculo’s programs are offered and accessible to the entire community in the five boroughs of the City of New York. We seek to fulfill two basic needs in two different fronts: (1) the appetite of the rapidly growing Latino community for productions that expose the relevance of Spanish and Latin American dramaturgy (both contemporary and classical); and, (2) Teatro Círculo, Ltd. seeks to serve as a forum for emerging and professional theater artists for the exchange of techniques, concepts and artistic expression.

Teatro Círculo has a subsidiary not for profit company incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Our main purpose is to promote the exchange of artists and theatrical productions among the Puerto Rican communities in NY and the main island. We produce one main stage production in Puerto Rico and bring to the island our New York shows two or three times a year. For the last seven years our high quality productions have been selected by the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña to participate in their national and international festivals.

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