Every year Teatro Circulo brings to NYC the best directors and theatre artists from the nation and around the world to teach our local actors both the newest as well as traditional acting techniques.

Rhythm and Stanzas of the Spanish Golden Age.
Instructor: Carmelo Santana-Mujica, University of Puerto Rico

The Bubble, Antunes Filhio’s Acting Technique.
Instructor: Antunes Filhio, Center of Theatrical Research, Brazil

Suzuki Acting Techniques.
Instructor: Marcos Martínez, University of San Diego

Suzuki and Viewpoints.
Instructor: Tom Nellys, New York City

The Psycho Physical Gesture
Instructor: Floyd Rumhr, Chekhov Theatre Ensemble

Lucid Body
Instructor: Fay Simpson, Yale Drama School

In Search Of The Buffoon
Instructor: Luis Jiménez, Jaques Lecoq School, Paris

Instructor: David Brimmer, New York University
Alexandra Hastings, En Garde
David Hastings, En Garde

Lorca’s Characters
Instructor: Luis Caballero, University of Puerto Rico

Know Yourself, Know Your Voice.
Instructor: Susan Young, Conservatory of Music, Puerto Rico


Every summer Teatro Círculo engages more than 25 youngsters at risk from the Lower East Side in an intensive theatre training geared to develop their skills in all aspects of theater production; from acting to set, costume and lighting design, to how to operate a sound and lighting board to writing and directing. Ultimately we hope to help the young people involved develop an enriched sense of self and the value of team work. Teatro Círculo provides all the resources necessary for the project, including set materials, costumes, space, and the instructors who are professionals in the field.


This program brings to our theater public school students from all over the city offering them low priced matinee performances, in Spanish, of works related to their course of studies. Each performance is followed by a round-table discussion directed by bilingual university professors of theater and literature who are members of Teatro Cí­rculo. The purpose of our Visiting School Program is to enhance our youngsters, educational process by linking theatrical productions and thorough academic discussions with their school curriculums. Thus, we facilitate an experiential and intellectual approach to their education.

For more information contact Eva Vásquez at

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